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Tournee in Taiwan (2024)

With: Girilal Baars, Chia Chun Xu, Fangyi Liu

Funded through support from the BMKOES Austria. 


Transit film Festival opening act

AI Visuals: Shahab Naedai x Christoph Punzmann

Picturecredits: Lisa Hagn

jahresendzeitschokoladenhohlkörperfestival 2023
Performance with Joan Laage 

Performance: Joan Laage 

Flutes: Florian Feit

Guzheng/Electronics: Christoph Punzmann

Metal Sound Objects: Lucas Henao Serna & Roy Culbertson

Picturecredits: Dieter Kovačič

Sounds Livng

SOunds of the living
Solo Performance at the university for applied arts Vienna, AI Lab (Dec 2022)


Picturecredits: Thomas Steineder.


Performance w/ 胡嘉 Hu Chia
@ Hybrid Butoh Festival Vienna
(Dec 2022)