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Sitting in a room #3 w/ neuer wiener musikverein 
+ SIAR x Hybrdi Butoh festival Vienna (dec 2022)

Organizer: "Neuer Wiener Musikverein. Society for music, culture and performance art."

Initiator, curator: Christoph Punzmann

Venue: Lot, Vienna.

Participating Artists:

► Girilal Baars (SWE)

► Hiroko Komiya (JPN)

► Chris H.Lynn (US)

► Antti Virtaranta (FIN)

► David Gazsi (UK)

► Carla Rihl (AUT)

► Sandra Bayer (AUT)

► Mikko Savela (FIN)

► Monika Jantschnig aka Harley (AUT)

► Christian Tschinkel (AUT)

► Thommy Wahlström (SWE)

► Paul Gründorfer (AUT)

►Christoph Punzmann (DEU)


With the support of Christian Tschinkels AKUSMONAUTIKUM

Many thanks to the City of Vienna (Stadt Wien) for their support.​ 

Photo credit: Jana Mack, Veronika Vetrila, Christoph Punzmann

Live @ Yangmishang Mountain, taipei, taiwan (Oct. 2022)


Concert @ Mu Ge Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan.

Violoncello: Ying-Hao Lee


Geschlechtsköcheleien, performance. taipei, taiwan
w/ Liya yu, suan6 
酸六 Ying-hao lee (nov. 2022)

Can gender be cooked into stew? Can a cisgender woman transfer her body’s patriarchal liberation to a transgender woman? How can an oppressed woman’s movement become raw and free? How do musical strings unravel in the cultural ambiguity of pentatonic scales?

Join us a for an evening of extraordinary bodily and musical transformations, with a delicious anti-patriarchy porridge to be devoured by the audience at the end.

We are pleased to host @suan6 酸六Taiwan’s foremost transgender performance artist; electroacoustic composer and musician @punzmann_ Christoph Punzmann, who is here on a three-month fellowship sponsored by the Austrian Culture Ministry (BMKOES); Liya Yu, German-Chinese writer and dancer, who choreographed this piece during her Treasure Hill Artist residency this year and will be stirring the stew pot with her shamanic ladle; and @lee.yinghao Yinghao Lee, cellist and violinist who formerly trained at Julliard Pre-College in NYC.



我們很高興地邀請到台灣極具代表性的跨性別表演藝術家Suan6酸六;作曲家和音樂家Christoph Punzmann,他在這裡獲得了奧地利文化部贊助的三個月的獎學金。喻俐雅 Liya Yu,德籍華人作家和舞蹈家,她在今年的寶藏巖藝術家駐場期間編排了這個作品,並將用她的巫術勺子攪動燉鍋;以及李英豪,大提琴家和小提琴家,曾在紐約市茱莉亞音樂學院接受培訓。

Christoph Punzmann, guzheng and electronics
Yinghao Lee, cello
Liya Yu, dance and choreography
ft. Suan6 酸六

Poster design @sia_binghong

Outer Pulse

outer pulsations. taipei, taiwan
Noise concert, (oct. 2022)


Concert @ Masue gonuro inari shrine, Itoshima, Fukuoka, Japan (Nov 2022) 


Resideincy @ studio Kura, Itoshima, Fukuoka, Japan (oct/Nov 2022) 

Stay funded through a generous scholarship by the BMKOES (Austrian Ministry for Arts & Culture). 


residency at Treasure Hill Artist Village., Taipei (sep/Oct 2022)

Stay funded through a generous scholarship by the BMKOES (Austrian Ministry for Arts & Culture). 


residency at visby international centre for composers (March/april 2022)

I started with the work on my upcoming Album "Hoquetus".

Through the productive work at VICC I got a generous funding by the Austrian Musikfonds for the completion of this Album. 


sitting in a room #2 (april2022)
w/Neuer wiener musikverein



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Fotos: Lukas Pleyer