Installation for "entering anima" (2019)

Installation for the Perfomance debut of ANIMA FABRIK. 26/2/20

Video: Valentina Ilazi (



(2019, Joni Österlund)


Substantiv, maskulin [der]

Absicht, die das Handeln einer Person beeinflusst, aber nicht offen ausgesprochen wird; verdecktes

From hinter (“behind”) + Gedanke (“thought”).

Intention that influences a persons actions but is not openly pronounced; concealed

Man is a continuous play of balance between conscious and unconscious. The reaction we have to the other is actually hinting what we are ourselves. Part of you is reacting while behind the scenes you have placed all the moving particles ready for the show that takes place in you conscious mind.

Dancers: Hannah Wimmer, Sara De Santis
Choreography: Joni Österlund
Music & Sound Design: Christoph Punzmann

Original Text: Jean-Paul Sartre - Nausea (Ger. Der Ekel)

Voice: Pia Nives Welser

ANIMA-Fabrik Vienna (since 2018)

ANIMA offers children a space to comprehensively discover and develop artistically. At ANIMA, children learn from excellently trained, pedagogically experienced artists to express themselves through dance in connection with drama, music and visual art.

Weltweit erstes Stimmgabel Ensemble (since 2018)

"The worldwide first Tuning Fork Ensemble".

Under the administration of Lissie Rettenwander.